What is Flowering?

What is the Flowering Cycle?

Fruiting or Flowering is the production stage of growth


The flowering stage is when your plants are now beginning to produce a fruit, vegetable, or flower. This is one of the most important stages of the plants life because it is during this stage that is fulfilling its purpose of providing you with the fruits of your labor.

Different types of plants will obviously flower in their own ways. For example some plants will produce flowers, such as jalapeno peppers, and then the flowers will eventually turn into the vegetable or fruit. Other plants will simply produce what you want right away, such as broccoli and certain herbs.

It’s important to know that when your plants begin to flower there is a certain window for optimum produce quality. Some plants are meant to flower for 6 weeks others can go for 12 weeks, it all depends on the strain and of course the type of plant.

When will the plant begin to flower?

A flowering garden is one that is getting an equal amount of light as it is darkness; sometimes they even receive more darkness then light. The amount of hours your plant receives light determines if it will flower or not.

Plants can begin to flower once they beginning receiving only 14 hours of light. Typically though, they fully flower when they are receiving an equal amount of light and darkness, or even more darkness then light. This is why 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness will force plants to begin the flowering phase.

Why do plants flower?

Your garden will flower outdoors when it begins to receive less and less light. It depends where you live however it’s common that the flowering stage begins around late-summer to fall. This is when the sun begins to offer less light during the day then it does in the spring and summer time of year.


Got it, so they flower based on light. Is there anything else I should know?

Plants are amazing in many ways. One way is that they are smarter than most people even realize. When the plants flower they are attempting to reproduce themselves.

Some plants will produce flowers in order to attract male pollen which will in turn create seeds of the plant.

Some plants will produce the seeds within its produce, such as fruits like apples and watermelons.

Once your garden begins to receive less light, this indicates to the plant that the seasons of weather are changing. Your plant realizes that winter is approaching and it knows it cannot survive during those conditions.

So what does it do?

It reproduces; it creates seeds which are strong and protected during winter. Once Spring rolls around the seeds begin to germinate and eventually vegetate.


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