What is the Difference Between Base Nutrients & Additives?

Base Nutrients & Additives Explained

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 Written By Joey E.

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Using the right fertilizers is very important for any type of garden you are doing, whether it’s soil or hydroponics, indoors or outdoors. (fertilizers=nutrients)

Along with using the correct nutrients for the plant that you are growing, you also need to understand how you are supposed to use your fertilizers. It’s not as simple as adding to water and waiting for magic. You need to know why you’re using a certain fertilizer bottle in order to be the best grower possible.

What are Base Nutrients? BioThrive Grow

The base nutrients for a fertilizer line are the most important. They contain the macro-nutrients which are the the most essential minerals for your plants. Generally these will contain the Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium.

I like to explain it by using the analogy of calling the base fertilizer the car (automobile). They get you from A to B.

You can do a complete growing cycle with only the base fertilizers alone.


What are Additives?

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The additives are the “extras” for a fertilizer line. They help give your plant a boost by offering additional minerals not found in the base fertilizers, typically the ‘micro-nutrients’. Some of them are: calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron.

If the base nutrients is the car, then the additives are the accessories. They’re not mandatory to complete a grow however they can make it better; either by speeding things up, making the plants healthier (which makes them safer), or by increasing resin and yield.

Think of the additives as the tinted windows, 20” rims or stereo system. Not needed to get from A to B however they can make the ride better.

Here’s a video we made to explain the difference for new growers just starting to use hydroponic or organic fertilizers:

[youtube id="Wch8kUMesho"]

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