Submersible Water Pump can Kill your Crop?

The value in positioning your Submersible water pump properly

submersible water pump  Written by Mark B.

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Submersible Water Pump vs In-line Water Pump

The difference between a submersible water pump and in-line water pump is more than just the physical placement, ease of installation, and heat issues.

in-line water pump

It can also help with

  • Disease prevention
  • Yield increase

Benefits of Submersible Water Pump

The reason why using a submersible water pump is so attractive is because all you have to do is screw on a fitting at the top of the water pump, slip on your tubing, put the submersible water pump in the water, and plug it in.

Benefits of In-line Water Pump

A In-line water pump is great because any extra heat that is produced by the in-line water pump is released into the air, instead of into the water.

It is important to acknowledge that every decision has a consequence sometimes consequences can be good short-term and bad long-term.

Using your Submersible Water Pump to your Advantage

When you place your submersible water pump directly into your water you will always have a reservoir that is slightly warmer.

In the winter this can be good because your water reservoirs might be too cold and will slow down your growth.

In the summer time or a warmer room these couple degrees in temperature will reduce the oxygen carrying capabilities of your water which will lead to waterborne pathogens that populate quickly causing root disease problems.

Master Grower Tip: If you are battling water temperature problems and for some reason are unable to reduce the temperature water below 65°F I would recommend sterilizing your water using H2O2. This product completely sterilizes the water and doesn’t allow any pathogen to good or bad to exist.

That is why we would recommend recording everything especially in the beginning phases of your growing experience. Your grow room must be thought of as a business, and within the business you must learn how to get the most out of your tools.

The Value of a Spare Submersible Water Pump when Growing

There should never be a fire in your grow room. I don’t just mean in the literal sense fire but I mean emergencies. As problems arise in any small business your whole day should not just stop because of a problem that should only take five minutes to fix.

The value of having that extra in-line water pump in your grow room when the submersible water pump you are using goes down is invaluable.

Don’t be a grower that reads this and thinks that’s having a spare in-line water pump is a great idea and does nothing about it.

Knowledge is not power, it is the application of knowledge that is power.

So get a Spare Submersible Water Pump!

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