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In my experience the #1 garden pest that ALL growers deal with are spider mites. No matter if you’re  new grower, a hobbyist, or a commercial veteran spider mites are something we’ve all dealt with or will deal with at some point. Unfortunately some of us never get the proper guidance on how to kill spider mites so we’re left dealing with a problem that can be frustrating, and devastating to your plants.

The first important step is to fully understand how spider mites get into your garden in the first place. If you just learn how to kill spider mites without understanding how to prevent them, you will fight an uphill battle (let’s prevent this).

These pests are tiny, microscopic mites which are light enough to be carried by small gusts of wind. They are EVERYWHERE so do not think for a second that you live in a clean area and they cannot attack your garden. If there is a healthy plant somewhere, they are bound to find them.

How do I prevent them?

Keep your grow room clean by washing your hands, wearing gloves, and changing your clothes prior to gardening. One of the best ways to kill spider-mites is to prevent them in the first place.

Don’t get off work and just hop into your grow room, because your clothes and shoes can have mites on them! Change clothes first, take a shower, just keep things clean.Aza-Max

Another great way to prevent them is by using a product called Aza-Max. This product is completely organic and is even OMRI certified which is a highly respected organics institute that analyzes products.

Use Aza-Max from the very beginning, and repeat it’s use on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. I will even mix 1 gallon of Aza-Max and dunk my entire clones in it before my initial planting so that I can start off right.


Never assume that because you got a clone from a dispensary, nursery or close friend that your new plants are pest & disease free. Take no risks because they will only cost you money and time, trust me.

If you go with Aza-Max use 30ML per gallon for full strength (if you have issues already).

If you are using it to prevent issues go with half strength which is 15ML per gallon.

We have a video on how-to use Aza-Max if you want further instructions, check  it out:

[youtube id="4EWxye9gGMo"]

I know I have spider-mites, what do I do!?

If you already have webs, we need to act fast. Using a product called Doktor Doom will help knock down your population quickly. It comes in a fogger or a spray, I recommend the spray which is labeled as a ‘Spider-Mite Knockout’. This will kill spider mites that are adults, however will not kill any eggs.

SNS217Another great product that I highly recommend is SNS-217 which will kill adults + the eggs! A must-have product for a serious grower, you can buy it on our website,

Have a tip on how to kill spider mites? Enjoyed our article? Leave us a comment down below and tell us what you think!

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