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I think almost anyone who has growing experience has dried with just string before. Hanging by the stem from a string is the most common method for an everyday indoor gardener and also outdoor. I am writing this to tell you there is a better method, and while it may cost more money up-front it will save you time and that is really the point isn’t it?

Dry racks are so simple to use and very effective. No matter if you’re growing in a commercial setting or just in a 4×4 grow tent, dry racks are an awesome product to purchase for any serious grower.

What is a Dry Rack?Stackle Dry Rack

A dry rack is a product made of a mesh material that allows easy air flow that gives you a great way to dry a harvest. Typically these dry racks will come in a collapsible form very similar to a sun-blocker for an automobile. By this I mean they can fold over each other and go from 2ftx5ft to becoming small enough to fit inside a drawer.

What Kind of Dry Rack is Best?

The best kind of dry rack that we found from using and testing is the ones which offer zipper openings as well ass complete enclosers. What I mean is some dry racks will only offer a bottom for the flowers to set on without offering full walls. This can seem convenient at first however after actually using the product you’ll find it is a negative.

Why?Best Dry Rack

Because the ony draw back of any dry rack is that is can make your product become flat on the side that is toughing the mesh material. So a good rule to follow is to shake the dry rack at least once every 24 hours. When you do this the buds can fall out of the dry rack which is never good. Having walls will prevent this and makes you happier.

Check out our video explaining this:

[youtube id="tYTaQpzVe0"]

What do you think? Are you using dry racks or have something to share? Please leave us a comment down below.

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