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Knowing Exactly What Type of Indoor Grow Lights to Initially Invest In Will Save You Time And Money.



From the desk of Mark W. Boutwell II – Grow Coach
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Mark – Grow Coach


In this article I will explain exactly what Indoor Grow Lights and other components are needed for growing indoors.

There are 3 Parts you will need for High Intensity Discharge Lights (HID) lights before you start gardening indoors

First on the list is the original type of grow light that has been used in the Indoor Gardening industry for over 40 years..

Today I will talk about the Basic Indoor Grow Lights requirements, Pros, and Cons to HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights.


Required Components for Indoor Grow Lights:

  1. Ballast
  2. Bulb
  3. Hood


There are 2 types of Indoor Grow Light Ballasts:

  1. Magnetic Ballast
  2. Digital Ballast


Magnetic Ballast’s are less expensive on your initial Indoor Grow Lights purchases and will get you growing if you have a small budget.

Although long term this ballast will cost you more money in you power bill every month for a number of reason, Including:

  1. Ballast runs Hotter
  2. No dimming options
  3. Very Heavy

Digital Ballast in the other hand will cost a little more in your initial Indoor Grow Lights purchase although will save you enormous amount of money every year because of its additional features.

Some of those additional Indoor Grow Lights Digital Ballast benefits Include:

  1. Runs Cooler
  2. Light weight
  3. Dimmable options

In this article we are just talking about what you will need to setup your Indoor Grow Lights to start Growing.

If you would like to learn more on secrets we have developed over the years then read

“How to use your Magnetic or digital ballast effectively in your indoor gardened”

We suggest the following 2 types of Indoor Grow Light Bulbs.

  1. HPS – High Pressure Sodium
  2. MH – Medal Halide

There are 2 types of bulbs because there are 2 stages your indoor plants will go through while gardening.

Your plants will have a Vegetative Cycle which you will use your MH Bulb, and a Flowering Cycle which you will use your Indoor Grow Lights HPS Bulb.

We go into depth on to using your Growing Bulbs and why in our article “How to use your Indoor Gardening Bulbs to maximize your Quality and yield”.

There are many types of Indoor Grow Light hoods on the Market. I will show you the main 3 types of hood sold in this industry.

The 3 types of Indoor Grow Light Hoods:

  1. Open bulb Hood
  2. Air Cooled
  3. Water Cooled


We Hope this article gives you a solid game-plan to Start your Gardening Experience. Remember, Our Sole Purpose, is to Help You Grow!

Our Phone Consultations is Free of Any Cost or Obligation.

Call Us 855-420-HYDRO (4937) and Start your Indoor Gardening Experience.



Have a Great Grow!

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