Air Cooled Reflectors Explained

How Do Air Cooled Reflectors Work?


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Air Cooled Reflectors are the most popular hoods used today. I would estimate that around 80% of the people growing indoors are using some kind of air cooled reflector. They’re popular for good reason too. They work well for ventilating heat, provide great lighting coverage and they allow you to introduce CO2 into your garden without wasting it due to ventilation pulling it away from the plants.

If you are completely new, this strange talk of ‘air-cooled reflectors’ may sound complicated at first, but trust me it is extremely simple.

What is an Air Cooled Reflector?

Air FlowA reflector is a piece of hardware used for indoor grow rooms. Its purpose is to reflect the grow light down onto your plants, so you can utilize your light most efficiently. In this case we are discussing a certain kind of reflector known as an ‘Air Cooled Reflector’. It is just as it sounds, we are cooling the reflector and grow bulb with air.

Cooling the reflector is necessary because the type of lights (HID) that are used with reflectors produce large amounts of heat. A fan is connected to the reflector and it pulls the hot air then pushes it away from your garden, which can keeps your temperatures in ideal ranges.

Does Any Air Cooled Reflector Work?

I guess that depends on each persons definition of ‘working’. Unfortunately we all don’t stick to Webster for our definitions, so let’s get on the same page.

We always do our best to stick with quality gear so you don’t have to go hunting for good equipment, that’s our job, not yours. However our goal is to help you grow so here is some things to consider:

  • Watch out for cheap powder coating, we’ve seen reflectors rust easily
  • Don’t hold your reflector by it’s holes, it weakens your reflector (quality hoods can handle this better)
  • Watch out for cheap reflective material, it’s easier to see the difference in person.
  • Using CO2? Make sure you get a sealed reflector. Most claim this, few actually are.
  • Be aware of how the lens (glass) is taken off, some will flip down which can damage your plants if you do not pay attention!

We love the Sunleaves, Cobra and Predator reflectors. They are very well made, high quality reflectors. Check out all of our reflectors and grow lights on our website:

If you want some more info on how air cooled reflectors work check out our video below:

[youtube id="MEEkSC7bHl8"]

Did you learn more about air-cooled reflectors? Have something else to share? Leave us a comment we’d love to hear from you!

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