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Growing plants without soil

Growing Plants without Soil…wait what? Surprisingly there are a lot of people who haven’t been introduced to the idea of growing plants without soil. We still get customers who come into our store, see plants growing in a hydroponic or aquaponic system thinking somehow that we are using soil. After about a minute of talking […]

Lettuce in Hydroponics

Things to consider when Buying Hydroponic Supplies

Hydroponic Supplies that meet your expectations when you are first starting in this industry can be a process that takes time. When growers coming to our hydroponics store looking for hydroponic supplies for the first time I normally recommend them to find a hydroponics store that is in line with their personal values at some […]

History of Hydroponics

The History of Hydroponics From the desk of Mark W. Boutwell II – Grow Coach Green Joint Ventures Hydroponics comes from two Greek words (HYDRO means “water” and PONICS means “Labor”). This concept is not given much appreciation for some reason, although when you take a second to think about it the water is working […]