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5 Things to Look for in Grow Tents

What Grow Tent Should I Buy?  Written By – Joey Espinoza   Garden Adviser – Perfect Gardens   Grow tents have gained massive popularity over the past 5 years. For a long time, indoor growers were forced to make their own growing space, whether it was a closet or a box. Some made things very […]

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Best Dry Rack

Dry Rack: Best Way to Dry Herb

How to Dry After Harvesting  Written By – Joey Espinoza  Grow Coach – Perfect Gardens   I think almost anyone who has growing experience has dried with just string before. Hanging by the stem from a string is the most common method for an everyday indoor gardener and also outdoor. I am writing this to […]

What is Vegetative Growth (the veg cycle)?

What is Vegetative Growth? Introduction to Vegetative Cycle of Gardens   The vegetative stage of growth comes after a seed has been germinated. Often called the “veg cycle” for short, this stage of growth is one of the most important points in a plants life because it is going to set the stage for the […]

Veg = leaves, branches, stems and roots