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Submersible Water Pump can Kill your Crop?

The value in positioning your Submersible water pump properly   Written by Mark B.   Grow Coach – Perfect Gardens       Submersible Water Pump vs In-line Water Pump The difference between a submersible water pump and in-line water pump is more than just the physical placement, ease of installation, and heat issues. It […]

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Best Dry Rack

Dry Rack: Best Way to Dry Herb

How to Dry After Harvesting  Written By – Joey Espinoza  Grow Coach – Perfect Gardens   I think almost anyone who has growing experience has dried with just string before. Hanging by the stem from a string is the most common method for an everyday indoor gardener and also outdoor. I am writing this to […]

What is Needed for a Complete Grow Light ?

What Products Make Up a Grow Light?  Written By – Joey E.  Grow Coach – Perfect Gardens     For the sake of this article, please understand that I am discussing what is required for an H.I.D. (High Intensity Discharge) grow light. There are three main components needed to make a complete grow light. It’s […]

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What is the Difference Between Base Nutrients & Additives?

Base Nutrients & Additives Explained  Written By Joey E.  Grow Coach – Perfect Gardens Using the right fertilizers is very important for any type of garden you are doing, whether it’s soil or hydroponics, indoors or outdoors. (fertilizers=nutrients) Along with using the correct nutrients for the plant that you are growing, you also need to […]

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